Hey friend, Elias here—

I design and prototype digital products and sometimes I write things down. These are those things.

Aug 16, 2017

Interface Design: Chatbots 💬

📝 this post was originally written for POP, a platform for launching messenger bots I’m not Theodore Twombly and I don’t want a robot girlfriend, I just want to check...

Aug 17, 2016

Universal f#%$!g shortcuts ⌨️

Why the fuck are there not universal shortcuts between design software? I’m looking at you Adobe. Yeah, you too Sketch. Let me just start by asking, why, dear god why,...

Feb 10, 2016

🛠 Building & Scaling a Design Language

Oooooh design languages Usually design trends are head scratchers at first glance, a few weeks later they start to show up in your work, a few more weeks pass and...

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