universal f#%$!g shortcuts

 Why the fuck are there not universal shortcuts between design software? I’m looking at you Adobe. Yeah, you too Sketch.

Let me just start by asking, why, dear god why, did Sketch think it was intuitive for ‘V’ to be the pen tool AND the move tool. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally plot an anchor point when I’m just trying to select an object.

I’m not even sure where to get started with you, Adobe. Why ⌘+E isn’t Export across the board is beyond me. As an example, here’s how ⌘+E works across the board:

Software Function
Illustrator Toggles GPU Preview
Photoshop Merges Group
InDesign Export
Sketch Export to Zeplin*
Lightroom Edit in Photoshop
After Effects Edit Original

*I don’t think ⌘+E has an inherent function in Sketch. It only exports to Zeplin since I have the plugin installed.

Now, I’m fully aware that each program caters to a different use case and will often have to use different shortcuts because features aren’t universal. But most shortcuts are for frequently used functions, which are common amongst a lot of different design software. Things like exporting, creating guides & rulers, snap to grid, and document setup. Those are things I’d love to quickly do, using the same keyboard shortcut, in Sketch and Illustrator. All without setting up custom shortcuts and overriding the shortcuts that ship with the software.

Here’s to hoping ?


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